Several tours of environmentally significant sites are conducted on select days throughout the course. These are announced as they are confirmed and participants are asked to sign up in advance, as some tours may have a limited capacity.

2017 tours:

  • LES Ecology Center — Friday, June 2 (12:30 to 2 pm)
  • Riverkeeper boat tour — Thursday, June 29 (11 am)
  • Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant tour — Monday, July 10 (9:30 am)
  • Google building sustainability tour — Thursday, July 27 (6 pm)
  • Sims Recycling tour — Tuesday, August 1 (5:30 pm)



Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Executive Director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, along with an attorney from the New York City Law Department, leads a tour of new developments in the park and coordinates a discussion about some of the legal hurdles to implementing park initiatives.


Brooklyn Grange Urban Rooftop Farm Tour

This is an opportunity to visit one of New York City’s largest roof-top gardens and hear about initiatives to provide local produce to area restaurants and residents and capture storm water runoff.


Riverkeeper Newtown Creek Patrol

We join Riverkeeper staff in its boat, the R. Ian Fletcher, for a patrol of Newtown Creek to spot sources of pollution, check on the health of the estuary, and learn about Riverkeeper’s model of environmental enforcement.


Sims Recycling Facility Tour

For years, NYCELLI participants visited Sims’ recycling facility in Jersey City, NJ.  Now, we are able to visit Sims’ newly-opened facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  The new facility implements innovative solutions to many obstacles that faced at the Jersey City facility.  Participants learn about New York City’s recycling industry and the recyclables commodity market.

South Bronx Environmental Justice Tour

This walking tour of the South Bronx, hosted by Sustainable South Bronx, exposes participants to the numerous environmental burdens the community bears, including emissions from over 15,000 trucks passing through the neighborhood daily, four power plants, and a waste transfer station handling 100% of the municipal solid waste produced in the South Bronx, as well as the programs that the Sustainable South Bronx is implementing to address these problems, including green jobs training program, energy efficiency programs, and efforts to establish a South Bronx greenway.

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour

The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel is an abandoned railway tunnel beneath Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The tunnel, which opened for use in 1844, connected the Long Island Railroad with South Ferry and took people back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Train cars were hauled by horses through the tunnel. In 1861, the tunnel was sealed off and faded from public view. It was re-discovered in the 1980s and then re-opened around 2009 and 2010.