Environmental Quality Improvement Projects (E-QIPs)

Working together in small groups, NYCELLI participants develop and implement a one-year project designed to improve the quality of the New York City environment and the health of its residents. Participants develop their project proposals throughout the course of the program, calling on their personal interests, the material covered in meetings, and the guidance of the presenters, Board of Advisors, and NYCELLI alumni, and present their final project plan to the class at the eighth (and final) meeting.

While the ultimate form of the projects can vary greatly, depending on the interests, creativity, and skills of the project teams, all projects¬†advocate for¬†reforms in law, policy, and/or practices, that contribute to the preservation, restoration, and/or enhancement of the City’s environmental health. Strategies include legislative or regulatory advocacy, educational tools or campaigns, innovative partnerships, and the provision of litigation or pro bono legal assistance to an environmental organization or stakeholder group in support of a specific outcome.

With the ongoing support of the Director and the broader NYCELLI community, participants implement their projects over the year and return to the sixth class of the following year (in late April) to describe their experiences, present the outcomes, and share the lessons they’ve learned in order to assist the participants of that class in finalizing their own project plans.

At each Graduation Luncheon, an outstanding project will be chosen from the previous year to receive the E-QIP Award.