The Institute meets every other Thursday throughout the spring, from 6 – 9 pm, for a total of 8 meetings. NYCELLI will apply for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in the Area of Professional Practice category for each class.

The 2018 class schedule is as follows:

February 15, 2018 – Class 1: Introduction

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), 40 W 20th Street


February 22, 2018 – Opening Reception

New York City Bar Association, 42 W 44th Street


March 1, 2018 – Class 2: Water

Waterkeeper Alliance, 180 Maiden Lane


March 15, 2018 – Class 3: Waste

Waterkeeper Alliance, 180 Maiden Lane


March 29, 2018 – Class 4: Air & Energy


April 12, 2018  – Class 5: Land


April 26, 2018 – Class 6: Avenues of Change


May 10, 2018 – Class 7: Methods of Change


May 24, 2018 – Class 8: EQIP Class Presentations


In each of the first five meetings, participants examine:
• The nature of a current environmental concern facing New York City;
• Current and proposed responses to that problem; and
• Remaining challenges and opportunities for action in that area of concern.

This examination takes place mindful of:
• The special ecological, social, and economic dynamics of the urban environment;
• Relationships between sources of law and jurisdictions; and
• The potential for solving environmental problems through law and policy.

Each meeting will end with a discussion exploring:
• What stakeholders’ ultimate goals are or should be;
• How those goals might be achieved; and
• What roles attorneys can play in that work.

The sixth and seventh meetings explore avenues and methods of change to help participants plan their project, and at the final meeting, participants present their project plan to the group for discussion.